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 Fire Mage (Omicron)

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PostSubject: Fire Mage (Omicron)   Fire Mage (Omicron) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2008 12:20 am

About You

Name: Valur
Age: 14 soon to be 15
Country: Iceland
Hours of Play Per Day: 6

About Your Character

Class: mage
Level: 70

Your Gear:
Your Spec: 11/50/0
Willing to respec for guild: YES

Profession 1: 366 Tailor
Profession 2: 303 Enchanter

First Aid Skill: 0
Fishing & Cooking Skill: 0 & 0

WOW Raiding Experience: Most Kara and Gruul + all Pre-TBC raides exept Naxx and AQ40

Attunments, Reputation & Quests Complete

Karazhan Attuned: No Because of 2.4
Honored/Revered with which Factions: Honored with everything exept Sha'tar and The Violet eye

Other Info

Previous Guilds: The Blood Templars
Why did you leave your last guild: They broke apart mainly
Do you have ventrillo and a working mic: Yes
How late can you play at night: 24:00

Anyone in Spartans that can sponsor you: Slayerx

WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN SPARTANS?. I would like to join Spartans because i would like to have fun raiding with other people that i can make my friends.
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PostSubject: hmmm   Fire Mage (Omicron) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2008 3:39 pm

i think that ur gear is a bit low... 456spell dmg.. go gear up a bit to 800spell dmg and then i dont have any problem..
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Fire Mage (Omicron)
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